General FAQs

1.Where can I find price information on Quba Mobiles?
2. Why is an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number important and how do I retrieve the IMEI number from my mobile?
3.Where is my nearest Quba Maintenance center?
4.What is the warranty period of Quba Mobiles?
5.Can I get my faulty accessories repaired at the Quba Centres?
6.How can I contact QMC Centres?
7. What document should I carry while visiting the Quba Maintenance center (QMC)?
8. What is the default phone lock & factory setting code?
9.What is Mobile Tracker feature?
10.What is a Data Cable?

Technical FAQs

1. We are unable to access GPRS in Quba Mobiles?
2. How do I connect my Quba phone to my PC or Laptop?
3. While I open website on my phone using GPRS, square boxes appear. Sometimes it shows insufficient memory on the display. Why?
4.Which Quba Mobile Support “Phone as Modem” connectivity?
5. Touch panel is not working properly.
6. Which file formats does the Video player support in Quba Mobiles?
7.Which file formats does the Audio file support in Quba Mobiles?
8.What is Bluetooth?
9.How do I send a file to another phone via Bluetooth?
10.What is a PUK code?